Competition for the Redevelopment of the Old Fortress

Kelibia (Tunisia)

International Competition to redevelop the ancient fortress located in the coastal town of Kelibia, in Cape Bon, after the dismantling of the last military base.

The project was noticed by the examining commission thanks to the idea of reusing the fortress, in particular the ancient towers as archaeological exhibition spaces, due to the millenarian history with a multitude of finds recovered on site and situated in the various Tunisian museums, but also of agro-food products in order to relaunch the local market with frequent themed fairs.

Additional administrative rooms with meeting rooms, auditoriums, shops and various services have been created in the areas below using hypogean architectures.

In addition, it was planned to rebuild the ancient tower now destroyed, relocating a new lighthouse in the ancient original site, while inside a lift would also allow disabled people to reach every level and path.