M3SH LAB – Architecture & Design is a Design Firm which covers various typologies and scales, from Urban Planning to Architecture through Interior Design till Industrial Design.

The goal of the Team is to create and use a network, a “mesh ” of a wide range highly qualified professional partners (Architects, Designers and Engineers), working and collaborating together to give the best solution with an accurate evaluation and control of the economic factors.

Our approach is based on an architectural culture and sensitivity to sustainabilty, new tecnolgies and current trends in Design, Fashion and Art, using our personal professional experience and knowledge evolved in several years Working in different environments and Countries (Italy, Greece, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, etc.).

From the analysis, conception and design till the final result we preserve a constant research, attention to details  and study of innovative materials, providing our clients complete assistance and high quality projects.

True to milanese tradition of the “Creative Studio”, our work fields spread from the design of residential and commercial buildings through the renovation of private houses, boutiques, offices, restaurants, clubs, bars, to the design of custom made furnitures.

We adopt a specific approach reaching different results for every situation and need required.