Competition for a new Logo identifying the Organic Agricultural Productions of the city of Trento

Trento (Italy)

Competition organized by the Municipality, for the creation of a new Logo that marks all the communication of the Organic Farms on different supports.

The project focuses and develops following the 2 required and characterizing aspects: Organic Agriculture and the city of Trento.

Regarding the first aspect, we opted for the classic word “BIO”, used almost everywhere for an immediate and readable image, but in this case using recognizable organic forms: the Leaves that generally recall natural products, the Bunch of GrapesĀ and the Apple which are 2 of the most important products of the whole region.

In the second case, it was decided to draw in stylized form, the mountains that characterize the whole region and above all, one of the most important monuments of the city: the Civic Tower in the Piazza del Duomo.

The choice of colors also serves to differentiate the 2 starting concepts: BIO in Green, Tower and Mountains with the typical colors of the city flag (Yellow / Light Blue).