“VERUGAL Natural Resort”

Trincomalee District (Sri Lanka)


To the south of the town of Trincomalee, on the pristine east coast of the “Teardrop of India”, the construction of the new “Verugal Natural Resort” is planned.

It is an Eco-Friendly construction, with natural materials, totally integrated to the natural surrounding area in full respect of local traditions, luxurious and equipped with advanced technology, where local resources will be used for construction and management, with the goal also to offer an opportunity for the development of the local economy.

The complex will extend over an area of ​​almost 8 hectares and will offer 12 Standard Rooms, 24 Luxury Bunkalows and 6 Exclusive Bunkalows.

Since a large portion of energy sucked up by the Resort is from air-conditioning, the design will maximize natural ventilation. All buildings will be open-air buildings with large typical thatched roofs, where openings will give a natural ventilation.

We’ll invest in clean energy to get an energy self-sufficiency complex Zero-Emissions of carbon compounds, using the best of the latest technologies (photovoltaic systems and solar collectors).

All wooden buildings will be raised off the ground, set on “insulated” foundations, eliminating the problem of excessive moisture and consequent decay.

The Resort will also boast 2 big Food Farming Areas with Organic Gardens, which producing various crops all year-round, will guarantee fresh and biological food, following the Zero Kilometre philosophy, as well as fish for the restaurant will be provided by local fishermen. While all organic waste will be composted for use in the gardens.